How can blogs skyrocket your business?

You might think, along with many out there, that blogging is just an undesirable form of content creation, for how hard you need to work to pump out high-quality content consistently over a long period of time, just to earn a not-so-impressive pay for your work. Or you might be part of the other group of people who believe blogging for your business should be present as a customer guide to developing a better understanding of your business accolades and services.

Well, what if I told you that these perceptions on the space of blogging are severely costing you thousands of potential profits, due to the neglected knowledge of how to effectively leverage this form of media to your advantage, better than any other form of digital marketing and social media posts you put out there.

Read along to find out why your business needs to start blogging in this new and emerging era of business digitalization, and how to efficiently leverage blogging to maximize your profits in the upcoming months!

  1. To Build a Brand Loyalty amongst your Target Audience

One of the main driving factors for strong business performance and high growth potential is a good brand that customers connect to. And, especially for small and emerging startups, trust is going to be your biggest ally, as it removes the potential hesitance customers have in adopting your product against market authoritative competitors. And to build that trust through content creation, Google is the perfect platform to drive the message to your target audience, about your Brand. This is because people as more open to trusting sources from content on Google. This is because of how Google rewards quality content with their Experience, Expertise, Authority and Trust (EEAT) model, and Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) model on their platform under their Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

In short, with Google's complex and strict guidelines, Google has defined its user experience as a safe and reliable place for users around the world to consume content, to the point where, 80% of Google search queries, according to a study from Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology, are informational by nature. Therefore, if businesses that may not even have the best competitive edge and/or the best product, leverage their quality content on Google correctly through SEO marketing, content marketing, and copywriting, they can position themselves as a brand that associates with and understands the customers and thereby builds a platform with their site and blogs for consumers to attach to, and build brand awareness and loyalty really quick. And businesses can drive massive growth and authority in the market.

Take Lending Club for example, is an online marketplace connecting borrowers and investors together, transforming the banking system to make borrowing and investing more attainable and rewarding. Now in the financial industry, as we all know, consumers tend to be more weary and hesitant to accept the legitimacy of financial services from emerging start-ups, or just about any finance company besides the bank. But the Lending Club cleverly leveraged SEO marketing, consistently publishing helpful content, to effectively build a brand of trust, and the impression of being reliable and professional amongst customers. Their SEO marketing campaign effectively helped them rival banking financial services, and become the world's largest peer-to-peer lending platform.

Hence by consistently producing high-quality content, sharing expert information, and aiming for a higher ranking, users will be more willing to believe that your business is extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable within your targetted niche almost immediately!

2) Higher Ranking and Visibility in Google

Do you want your business to rank number number 1? Do you think competition is too high, and you can't scale your blog against other more established businesses and bloggers? Well let's run through some statistics, shall we?

Google is the most visited search engine in the world, with 8.5 billion searches taking place on Google every single day, having a user base of 4.3 billion globally. The astounding thing about it is that about 15% of Google's daily searches are unique and new, which means 1.275 billion searches every single day are left unanswered.

With the modern world rapidly shifting to the digital age, more people are increasingly reliant on information consumption from Google, and not enough content creators are out there to satisfy these unique queries.

Your business can exploit this opportunity, and can potentially jump-start your online visibility from these smaller and lower-competition queries. If you play your cards right, especially with SEO, content marking, and content creation, you can easily start ranking high on Google with these small niche topics, and significantly grow your blog from there, to bigger queries with higher competition, and better visibility of course.

Hence, having well-performing blogs can become one of your business's biggest assets, as it helps to passively acquire a lot of potential customers just by being present and easily searchable on Google, enabling rapid growth in the market.

Take Nykka for example, an Indian-based Makeup marketplace company that experienced skyrocketing growth in the past few years, mainly from investing heavily in SEO marketing campaigns; what once was a relatively new digital start-up founded in 2012, currently has a dominating 38% market share in the beauty and personal care e-commerce industry according to a report by PWC, Images Group, Fynd, and Strategy&, and valued over $5 billion in 2023, and experienced an impressive 9.87 monthly visits to their website in June 2023.

Hence by consistently producing high-quality content, sharing expert information, and aiming for a higher ranking, users will be more willing to believe that your business is extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable within your targetted niche almost immediately!

3) Building a Customer Loyalty

The Fintech industry is still a relatively new and rapidly growing industry, and this leads to many people being uneducated, weary, and overwhelmed by the Industry. COVID created huge opportunities for growth in the Fintech space, and there have been many fintech start-ups joining the industry, therefore to how recent it is, and how crowded the industry is starting to become, many consumers have started getting overwhelmed and unaware of many Fintech services present.

Many recent collapses in the Fintech Industry have taken place as well, one notable being, the German Neo Bank "Nuri", which closed and filed for insolvency in August 2022, due to weakness in crypto markets. Another prominent recent case was the Sam Bank-man Fried's FTX scandal, where its bankruptcy became the worst corporate fraud case in modern history, as Sam borrowed $10bn worth of client assets to his other business, Alameda Research, which were serious violations against the rules governing the custody of funds on the FTX platform, and with between $1-2bn missing and unaccounted for, according to Reuters. All these scandals and failures, with many cases of financial insecurity and complications for customers, a looming shadow of distrust spreads across potential customers in the market, and Fintech businesses need to regain consumer trust to effectively acquire more customers

Therefore stand out from the competition, and combat consumer distrust, Fintechs would need a strong and impactful brand of trust, which can directly influence potential customers to convert. Blogging would be a great form to achieve this, as blogs can be used as a marketing asset with high traffic performance, but also educate your customers, and increase their understanding, and thereby their willingness to convert.